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Welcome to the Insert Credit Art Jam, the thread where you can create and share a piece of art based on a weekly rotating topic!

This is not necessarily a contest, but more like a weekly art challenge/show-and-tell. The plan is to introduce a new prompt every Sunday to make a piece of art to. To participate, you can simply post anything from a drawing, sculpture, crochet, animation, writing, a sick beat, heck, why not even a cake! You can post whenever you're finished, and I'm sure noone will mind if you're a bit late as this thread is all in good fun. Heck, if you're loving the prompt, post more than one! Send any suggestions you think would be fun to do in the next week, if you have any fun ideas!

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Pick an episode title!

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### Minor Announcement!!

Hey everyone! I am back from being away and welcome everyone to this month's edition of the Insert Credit Art Jam! I took some time off to celebrate my special occasion but I'm ready to get back into the swing of things and have some more fun making stuff with you all.

So anyhow, without further ado...


### Art Jam #7's Topic Is...:

### Pick an Episode Title!

Hope the wedding went well!


Thanks, yeah it was a perfect day!

@SuperEffective#29879 Congratulations on the marriage. Thank you for taking the time to do the work for these art jams, I find them therapeutic.

Here's my submission

**134 - _Finding the Promontory_**


I'm glad that you find making these therapeutic! That's good to hear, and thank you for the kind workds :)

I'm really digging your drawing as well. For something seemingly so simple, there are some nice little details tucked away!

@beets#29974 love this piece. Wonderful line work and it’s got a great vibe

Hey everyone! I'm painting live over at if anyone would like to check it out! Felt like the right spot to post :slight_smile:

@beets#29974 love this. this is a great work.

i actually started a short story about a promontory recently. the word has been stuck in my head since that episode. i never got to the point where anything happened but i just have this idea of two kids walking to the promontory every day for a whole summer. maybe i will attempt to fill it out this week.

the theme is promontories, right ?

someone please do “Gamer Type Gamer”


Thank you for taking the time to do the work for these art jams, I find them therapeutic.

Agree 100%, thank you @SuperEffective for taking the time to organize these (I will participate this time, I don't know why I haven't been, it is therapeutic!)

Thank you for the nice words. It took a while to choose the episode title to draw. I originally was going to do ep. 143 but looking at photos of dead elephants was expectedly grim.

I'm still not 100% sure on what a promontory is but this one is called Lion Rock and is located in the centre of a well known beach around here (it used to have it's own tv show). A special friend and I went there last saturday on a whim. We only made it there when the sun was setting but we still walked half the beach, crossed the estuary and climbed up the rock. My friend took some great photos there, one of which my drawing is based off. When we were leaving it was pitch black as the roads out there don't have streetlights. I got an uneasy feeling when I looked in the car's mirrors and saw nothing.

I chose to make this a line drawing so the promontory would get 'lost' in the lines of the clouds. That didn't really work out. I do like how I can feel the light of the sunset in the drawing. Maybe the promontory to find was the meaning all along. Anyway here's the original photo so you can see that I traced most of it and still messed up some perspective.

@yeso#30079 yeah here's my submission



@tapevulture#30151 yeso yeah here’s my submission

please don’t “like” the immature posts above

i lash out because i'm too afraid to look in the mirror……


I don‘t know if it’s possible to do requests here but if so, someone should do Episode 2: Citizen Bonk

It will surely make both me and Brandon "#1 Bonk MegaFan" Sheffield very happy

I spent some time the other day working on that promontory story I mentioned earlier. It's still unfinished; I have the feeling that this will be the kind of story where I return back to it every few months. Here is what I have thus far:


Gabriel and I walked to the promontory every morning that summer, apart from Sundays. I would eat my breakfast of a soft-boiled egg and soldiers, meet him at the end of the street, and we would climb over the chain-link fence behind the community centre. There was a gap in the fence about twenty feet down the field, but that was the grown-up way. I only went that way when I was with my parents. When it was just Gabriel and I, we climbed the fence.

When we reached the promontory, Gabriel would crouch on the rocks, water splashing over his feet, poking at the clams that attached themselves to the sides of the tide pools. He loved to poke at stuff. He'd poke your eye out if given half the chance. I was always more interested in the bugs that crawled through the dirt among the grass. The feeling of water on my feet unnerved me; I much preferred feeling the dirt between my toes.

Often, I would press my face against the ground and stare through the blades of grass, pretending they were towering trees. I really thought that when I did so, I was approximating the viewpoint of a bug. I wanted to see the world the way they saw it. It wasn't until years later that a different friend casually explained to me that, to a bug, my body would seem as large as a mountain. This realization was a revelation to me: the great chasm that stood between bugs and myself made mathematical. I could never be friends with a creature the size of a mountain.

As we played, Gabriel and I would discuss our imaginary country. The country was originally named Xelphabia, until we forgot that name and re-named it Promontorio. Gabriel and I were the co-presidents. Gabriel was the first president, because he had discovered it, and I was the second president. Gabriel had discovered the country when he sailed across an ocean that looked like a giant tide pool, in a boat that looked a lot like a clam shell. When he reached Promontorio, he sent me a telepathic message, and I flew over on a narrow, green plane. We were the presidents and the only citizens.

When the country was invaded by bugs, I would negotiate with them and build them homes. They never stayed long, but they would leave with a diplomatic passport and occasionally, despite our best attempts at hospitality, a broken leg or two. Other than that, Promontorio had few enemies, and was a fairly docile place, all told.

And yet despite the long-running peace, Promontorio was a strict state. The law code would've covered the whole beach, if the waves hadn't erased all our writing halfway through. Citizens of Promontorio were under a legal obligation to eat ice cream at 3pm every Saturday. (The flavour was their choice, of course. We weren't dictators.) That was the first commandment. They also had to wear nametags on which their names were spelled both forwards and backwards. That was Gabriel's idea. He used to tell other kids that his full name was Gabriel Leirbag.

Promontorio's national anthem was short. We both agreed that reciting our national anthem in both English and French before every school assembly was a waste of everyone's time. Promontorio's anthem was in one language: Promontorian. Promontorian shared many similarities to English, except the pronunciation of 'f' and 'q' were switched around.

_Promontorio! Promontorio! It's Promontorio!
When we want to have qun, this is a-where we go!

I wrote and composed the anthem. I accompanied on an instrument of my own invention: an extremely versatile instrument made from whichever two sticks I happened to find lying around.

But the governance of Promontorio did not always run smoothly. [...]

Episode 122

The Knife That Cuts the World