@“esper”#p130982 Thanky

@"Shaneus"#p131001 NTSC-J isn't too far off, it will feel better than stock 3 does for sure. Based on my very basic testing I don't think it's just the PAL difference, not sure how the 60hz patch would work on real consoles either. For what it's worth I had only really played SE until a couple of days ago and I'm adjusting just fine, but I don't think I ever quite played at your level.

@"exodus"#p131000 They're not easy that's for sure. I actually think RRV would have worked better but it's been ages since I fired it up in emulation; it might actually be a hot mess timing wise.

@“plum”#p130978 hey hey, welcome!! and thank you for clarifying all of this. I have US and JP copies of the game but it has been a WILDLY busy week to work in video games and i have had zero chance to even get started on any of this, regrettably!

@"exodus"#p131000 YEAH dude, this has been, uhhhhh, less straightforward than it perhaps may have appeared at first!

@"Shaneus"#p131001 I'm with you on SE's handling, but then, I've only ever played it on emulators, so (shrugs loudly)

@"plum"#p131011 yeah, unfortunately RRV is still extremely broken in emulation, among other issues that would make it a much higher barrier to entry for this sort of thing, unfortunately, despite it being an incredible game.

No times? :frowning:

For what it's worth I was curious since the speedrun leaderboards for RRV do include emulator times for IL runs, just not full game (where loading times matter). I didn't notice any major boo boos **after** turning on software mode graphics in the latest PCSX2. Sometime over the weekend I'll do some side by side if I can find an easy way to unlock everything in emulator.

@“plum”#p130978 i saw this thread with your username as the last post and i was like “oh?!”

(welcome to the forum!)

@“NoJoTo”#p131357 Howdy! I hunger for more racing action.

I tried for sub 2 for an hour and my times only got worse after I took this lol


Hope y'all are hungry.... cuz soon you'll eat my DUST

You'll deff wanna swap to Icarus to dip well into the sub 2 minute, I was initially using Assegai on SE because for some reason everything in SE is super squishy and it was easy to blow up in time trail just from hitting the walls. No such issues in standard 3.

Assegai is good for getting up to speed but you can start to rely on how nimble the ship is without using airbrakes if you're not careful.


@“plum”#p131427 you can start to rely on how nimble the ship is without using airbrakes if you’re not careful.

Yeah I definitely got the training wheels on lol. I'm just putting off learning to airbrake cuz I slam into the wall most every time I try it (_especially_ in the Icarus).

Figuring out the airbrake is tricky but it's basically THE core handling mechanic in Wipeout. Once you figure it out you really get why the game is so addicting. :3

I'm gonna sit down and crank out a REALLY good time in NTSC-J. I know it'll be faster than NTSC-U but I don't mind if we end up settling on -U.

While getting the rule of the next round sorted out, let's do a quick run of NANACA†CRASH!! score attack!

Here is my quick first run.


@“KennyL”#p132520 Omigosh omigosh omigosh – Ruffle has reached this level? I am so indescribably excited to get to PLAY FLASH GAMES AGAIN!!!

I've missed the punt-'em-up. What a strange, temporally localized genre. *Toss the Turtle* and *Burrito Bison* are the most iconic examples, I feel like, but they certainly weren't the ones I spent the most time with – no, the ones I spent the most time with were no-name ones on Nonoba and Kongregate; ones that were held together with tape and string. Oh, and *Punt Twilly*, the spinoff of *AdventureQuest*.

…Talking about this, I realize how much love I have for old Flash games that *never* gets to come out in conversation. Geez. I acutely need to conspicuously slide this topic into conversation sometime.

I'm now the new honcho to beat:

7840.94 meters.[IMG alt="7840.94 meters."][/IMG]

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this bläst from the päst. This one had deeper mechanics than I initially thought – I played it back in the day, but I don't think I gave it the time it deserves.

ok i gotta close this dang game lol

I'm doing real bad. I need to get my proper mouse setup tomorrow because this unresponsive keypad is NOT DOING IT. I HIT THE DANG SPECIAL PRESS.

….we are using golf scoring rules, yeah?

(this was my very first click of the mouse and I don‘t know what is going on but I’ll work it out)

edit: **aha!** for anyone else confused-as-heck, you have to click and hold at the start, not just click

Just a little primer for folks:

  • - click and hold to start, click when you see the angle you want, hold for power
  • - all dudes are relatively negative unless they're a special, but the angle up guy can sometimes be helpful
  • - the green glasses lady always stops you unless she's the special
  • - you only have three "up" arrows per run. Click the mouse when your character is DESCENDING to activate it.
  • - your "down" arrow recharges when you're on screen. Click the mouse when you're ASCENDING to activate it.
  • - If you're off screen arrows don't work
  • - watch for specials and combos, they are the best thing you'll get
  • Fum fanct: The “through” in “THROUGH and RUN!” is a Japonicism (i.e. what they in Japanese call wasei-eigo – “English made in Japan”).


    In Japanese, “through” (as a loanword) means “ignore”.

    @“KennyL”#p132589 Agh… AGH… ○| ̄|_


    Y'all are killing me!!! I can barely crack 2000 lmao

    @“KennyL”#p132589 Finally…

    11,569.18 meters.[IMG alt="11,569.18 meters."][/IMG]

    I've spent *far* too much of my hard-earned time on this game… But now I'm officially the best in the world…

    @“Obskyr”#p132862 :sparkles::clap::clap::clap: