let's discuss CRT TV ownership

Got this bigboi for $100 yesterday for my buddy who is building an arcade cabinet.

i'm eyeing a similar panasonic that I could get for 5 dollars. 27 inches still makes me doubt though.

@“matt”#p158676 Panasonic gang. Panasonic rules. Was known as NATIONAL brand in Japan.

@“treefroggy”#p158696 Interestingly, Panasonic/Matsushita in Australia was known as National until 1988 when they changed the name to Panasonic.

@“matt”#p158709 obligatory abbapost



What is the safe distance between a CRT and unshielded speakers? I've seen anywhere from 12 to 36 inches. Thanks!

@“Naaaaaaaathan”#p159536 I do a couple feet personally. not taking any chances. the median of the two numbers you posted hehe

@“Naaaaaaaathan”#p159536 Definitely have the TV turned on when placing the speakers. If it's turned off then the TV degauss on power up will calibrate to the magnetic field around it, essentially making the speakers a part of the magnetic deflection field. If you were to then move the speakers away, the TV would be discolored.

I'd recommend:

  • - Turn the TV on
  • - use a [240p test suite](https://artemiourbina.itch.io/240p-test-suite/purchase) and make the screen pure red (or switch between red, green, and blue and look for impurities while positioning)
  • - slowly place a speaker closer to the TV where you think it is safe ( fyi, bigger speakers = bigger magnets = bigger area of effect)
  • - if you notice any discoloration when placing the speakers, then move away it quickly (discoloration should clear)
  • - a power cycle will deguass and should clear any recent discoloration that won't clear
  • - you must wait a few minutes between power cycles (keeping the set off) for the deguass to cool off so it will trigger again on the next power on
  • For normal bookshelf speakers 3ft away should be good. A subwoofer that's not shielded should be as far as possible.

    Good luck!

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    @“copySave”#p159871 Thanks for the advice! I ended up at 26 inches just to be safe.

    I have the top loader NES running into the tv and out to a mixer from the headphone jack. SNES is directly into the mixer. Been blasting Chrono Trigger Sound Library and NES sound tests. It is great!

    took a photo of outrun when i remembered there was a MiSTer core for it

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    cool vintage shop this weekend


    Almost didn’t fit in the car. Phew.


    No TVs or electronics at all in this cabin we’re staying in Twin Peaks, CA. Which is good. I brought my CRT and super famicom so I can watch my gf beat donkey Kong cuntry 2. Love to be in a house where the only display is a crt again.

    Though there is a dirth of proper furni. No hardwood to speak of, just annoying stuff from target and a couple nightstands.


    I got this guy for 20 bucks on the Austrian Craigslist and the guy even delivered it to me with his car. :)