let's discuss CRT TV ownership

well i’m happy to announce that i—a total nimrod—was able to fumble my way through the s-video mod. the mod itself was relatively straightforward but it required a great deal of research and cross referencing service manuals. i learned a lot and all of the tinkering is part of the fun for me; it was a neat little project to work on. while i was inside i was able to fix the geometry problems as well and i’m super happy with how it turned out! i did notice some colour banding but i would guess that’s from low quality cables. either way i’m not too fussed about it.
hopefully y’all get some enjoyment out of the chronicling of my progress. here are some shots of ff8 over y/c!


Nice work! Looking real good to me!!


it looks excellent! nice work!


Holy cow, that rules. Way to go!! This is making me think again of that RGB mod I wanted to look into on my Electrohome/Mitsubishi…


Welcome to the gang homie


you absolutely should try it! RGB mods are a bit more complicated than the s-video ones but the process is roughly the same. If there is good documentation on how to mod it then i definitely recommend it. as long as you’re aware of all the necessary precautions regarding safety then it really isn’t too bad. make sure your comfortable with all that stuff and do lots of research before diving in and you should be fine!

Took a trip to the local dump this weekend and picked up this Toshiba.

Then I watched this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVoy4n5GwFc

And I think I’ll be giving this tv to a relative who is interested in playing their old SNES.


I will watch this video because I have the 20" version, but does he go into unhooking the scan velocity modulation board? That’s all I did on mine. Can’t wait to see what else I should do to it.


He does!


I’ve been trying to find a good crt but I’ve had bad luck on marketplace. I live in a small town with a giant university and the good ones get snapped up quick. My only chance is during the summers but this particular one has been dry.


Ok, I haven’t watched this video, but I went looking for something about Electrohome/Mitsubishi sets and this guy’s channel intro is something else.

That’s the last TV my family had before the switch to LCDs. Glad to have a reason to not regret getting rid of it

If you just so happen to live in Hanover, NH… send me a PM

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Thats generous but I live in Champaign, IL.

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whoa twins!! i just found a toshiba 20FA44 the other day as well. hope you got a universal remote for that bad boy because geez it is hard to do stuff w/o one! (i ended up frankensteining several toshiba remotes together on my flipper with a great amount of trial and error)

side note to all readers if you are in mtl qc and you want a crt… let me know. i now have 6??? i can’t stop rescuing these beautiful boys from the sidewalk :( I DO NOT NEED 6


oh and btw he doesn’t mention it in that video, and it probably doesn’t matter to you lol, but the service menu that shows how many hours are on the tube is actually in hex! – his just happened to have all numbers so it looks like 1400 hours but it’s actually like 5000


that’s crazy

Hey that’s the one I have!

I am in Ottawa so this is tempting me…


I’ve only turned it on to see if it powers on. Hoping to be able to use one of two Toshiba remotes I have lying around. Hoping to hook up some systems to it over the next day or so to see what shape its really in.

my GF in central washington (Yakima) is getting a new apartment to herself and I’m helping her move in this month.
Top of the docket is I must acquire a CRT for her crib.


Found a dead 27" Sharp XFlat on the side of the road. Had some signs of life when I tried it out, basically the vertical would try to fire up then it would die. Opened it up and it was full of cigarette nasties. Cleaned up the inside and found a cracked vertical IC chip - oh yeah! Ordered a new chip for $10, swapped it in and it came alive!

Games are running on a MiSTer using Svideo - need to try out the component inputs!