Monthly Game Club - Nominations & Meta Discussion

I think the way we sort of casually declared a summer month for Outrun 2 and did Shining Force 2 to acknowledge an anniversary worked well. Just a little break from the format when the enthusiasm demands it. I think otherwise the system we have is good!

I‘m definitely not opposed to doing something bespoke when it makes sense to, I just need probably a weeks notice ahead of time and a sense of consensus in the thread, doesn’t need to be too formal, but I think it's probably best used sparingly just so the people who just submitted their pick through the form get a horse in the race.

I personally like the randomisation. I’m ok with infrequent special occasions, but am (again, personally) disinterested in that becoming the norm.

Monthly Game Club has been a good way to subtly push me to try/play games that I otherwise may not have grabbed off the proverbial pile, or at least not any time soon. Voting, or continual “special occasions” would turn this in to a game popularity contest, rather than a way to shine a light on individual games people think, for whatever reason, it would be cool and fun for people to check out. I would (again again, personally) likely not bother in that case.

I feel bad for winning! I never win random draws.

I wanted MML2 for a winter month though, so it worked out.

I definitely am a firm believer in carefully curated video game playlists. I‘m here for seasonal picks and voting, but randomization when it makes sense. you’re the one controlling it, not me, that‘s just my two cents! You’re doing great!

I'd like to nominate Omega Boost for PSX. A rail shooter by Polyphony Digital with artistic connections to Macross and a lead designer from Panzer Dragoon Zwei.

My official proposal with regards to the Linda Cube thing: if we don‘t make it the “main” game for March, could we start a Warp Zone like we did with Void Stranger? That worked out really well and it didn’t get on the way of the regular course of the game club.

Waiting for Christmas 2024 as @chazumaru suggested is an option but I think we're fresh enough from last years Christmas + there is the novelty of the translation (which has already gotten some fixes) so I'm on board of the play it now boat.

@“JoJoestar”#p155358 I think this is a good compromise

making a thread now

I’d like to submit an informal RFC! There’s been some discussion around potentially changing the mechanics of the Monthly Game Club, but I think there’s a far more simple way that would iron out some kinks…

Currently, as far as I can tell, the set of games for the Monthly Game Club is never reset. This has the upside that people don’t have to resubmit, but has a few downsides:

  • As it stands, people who have picked multiple games (likely because some months passed and they wanted to update their pick) may have a higher chance of having one of their games picked. This may not be an issue in practice – it’s possible that the ones who have submitted multiple games are only those who have had their game picked already – but…
    • …as a corollary, it’s impossible to change your pick without wanging up the pick by tossing your name in the hat multiple times. It’d be nice to be able to change your pick to something you’re excited for in the moment!
  • People who might not have the interest or time for the Monthly Game Club anymore (or who might not be active on the forum anymore) may still have their game picked, which is a bit of a shame: It reduces the chance for people who are presently more gung-ho about the whole thing of a chance to have their game picked, and creates a chance for the game you submitted to be picked at a time when you aren’t around to enjoy it.

My suggestion is that a new submission form be created each month, with the same format, but two small changes:

  • Add a yes/no question akin to “Is this a resubmission?”
  • Add a parenthetical to the “Why this game?” question akin to “(You may omit this if you’ve submitted the game before and don’t wish to update the why.)”

The moderator would then randomize the game out of the current responses, and – if it’s a resubmission – fetch the rationale from the earlier submission; something that should be easily done with a simple search for the game title (especially easily if the form responses are kept in new “sheets” within the same “spreadsheet”, using Google Sheets terminology).

What do y’all think? I think it might lead to a higher level of passion toward the club; even more active participation!


i think this has some advantages, but i also worry that it could just introduce unnecessary hassle?
maybe we could limit how many games a person can submit at a time, or have a system for people to choose for their game to be excluded from the list of games to be chosen from? (those could also introduce more hassle though uh)

I think a system to “deprecate” an earlier submission might be more hassle, innit? Especially for the moderator.

Re: the “limit how many games at a time” idea: What limit are you thinkin’? The way it’s shaking out in my brain right now, I think the only limit that makes sense may be 1, since otherwise, people who have multiple ideas will be unfairly favored. I suppose this could be fixed by randomly picking a forum username and not a game – and then choosing randomly from that user’s submissions – but I personally don’t dig the idea that I could have two submissions that I was super hype about back in October but am not as excited about anymore (or perhaps have played since then), with no recourse to update ’em.

And then there’s the matter of people who aren’t around to club it up anymore – if never reset, the list’ll inevitably accumulate cruft… Well, not that it isn’t fun to play a randomly picked game just in general, but the way I figure, the club should be for the people who are playing. If we’re comparing this to a book club, I’ve been in a few of those, and I think they’d’ve crumbled if we picked books from a pool of what members in ages past had once been interested in (though of course, it’s not a perfect comparison by any means).

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I didn’t know multiple votes was a thing. I’m not the brightest, so I salute that shrewdness in ballot stuffing. Here I am a fool giving this thing the presidential ballot treatment - while others are racking up ballot counts like they’re voting for their favorite shortstop during the 7th inning stretch.


I think this is a fun idea!! What if instead of resetting the submissions every month, we do it every ~4 months or something to freshen it up? :thinking:

I’m also back and ready to return to helping with MGC if y’all will have me!

A mod can also make the first post of this topic a “Wiki” so anyone can edit it with the new threads.

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I would like clarity about something: I had interpreted “one submission per person per month” to mean that if I turned in a game in August, I could then also turn in a game in September, independent of if the August game got picked. Is the rule actually “one game until it gets picked”? I didn’t mean to be ballot stuffing.

Your interpretation matches mine! I think it’s kind of fun if someone wants to really play a game, they submit it multiple months to increase the odds.

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maybe just have an informal/formal rule about only having 1-3 games submitted per person and then when one game is used you get a slot back? Would people be uncomfortable if there was a public spreadsheet where people could see the list of games w/ members that submitted so if they wanted to change one of their recc’s before the new game was drawn for the pile they could?


The public spreadsheet exists! Insert Credit Monthly Game Club Nominations (Responses) - Google Sheets :tada:

People are welcome to remove/cancel a submission too.


I guess my take on that is just that it’d be a shame if people who only want to submit one game were disadvantaged!

What do y’all think of nominating PS2 and PSP games? Are they too recent to be accessible? Cuz I’ve been thinking for a while I might rescind my nominations. Don’t wanna alienate anyone who would otherwise participate.


I would like to rescind Dreams by Media Molecule from this list… I think based upon what this monthly game club has become, it doesn’t really fit the vibe. With the new search function, I discovered there’s actually already a dedicated thread for Dreams. Plus being locked to PS4 and costing $20 might be a steep ask.