Questions about Discourse and its functions

A few times now, I’ve run into a bug, or a piece of strange behavior, that should probs be changed if it can: Discourse lightboxes images, but there appears to be a lower limit on the resolution for which images get lightboxed. That’s fine enough – you wouldn’t want small inline images (like, say, , or ) to pop up bulky caption bars when you mouse over them. The issue, however, is that this limit is set far too high, which causes formatting issues when images of different resolutions are mixed.

The issue is twofold: ① The images don’t show up in the image browser (i.e. if you’ve clicked on a lightbox image, pressing left or right will skip past the non-lightboxed ones), and ② more importantly, there’s a vertical formatting issue when placing a non-lightboxed image next to a lightboxed one. Take a look at these two examples:


The lower limit for lightboxing appears to be 501 pixels in height (or you could call it an upper limit of 500 pixels for non-lightboxed images), with no limit for the width. Some examples – note that #2 and #4 are clickable, while #1 and #3 aren’t:



To be useful, this limit should probably be set far lower – perhaps at the 149–150-pixel boundary or so – lest it cause issues with low-res screenshots and sundry images found around the corners of the internet.

Apparently, there’s a setting called “max image height” that can be adjusted to change this, but I think that’d cause images to be limited to, say, 150 pixels in height in the post? This might be an issue I have to report to Discourse.

In the case that this can’t be fixed without an upstream change, I should note that although it won’t be applicable to all images, in the case of screenshots, you can use Discourse’s [grid][/grid] tag to at least display them correctly in the post – but the lower-res images still won’t be clickable or appear in the lightbox pop-over:


While researching the above issue, I think I more or less concluded that it’s an issue with Discourse itself – so I’ve reported it to them.


A couple months ago I uploaded an mp4 to a post in the Cats thread no problem, after converting it from mov. Now I’m trying to upload another, 659k, mp4 and it doesn’t appear to be in the accepted formats anymore. Can we possibly change that back or set a limit on video size if videos are a problem?


I removed the ability to upload videos because generally they’re simply too big compared to images. If I let people upload videos I’m worried it’ll balloon our storage requirements in a few months.


Wanted to follow up on this Q too. Embeds work but they don’t display images with the tweets if there’s one attached. The old forum would include these, is there a way to get this to work on Discourse?

I’m just wondering, can mods see the content of deleted posts?

Yes. They are flagged as “undisplayed” in the database. Mods have to make a click to see them, but they are there. There is not a technical workaround for removing content from the database short of deleting the user account.

From a privacy standpoint, don’t type anything into the forum you don’t consider public.


X/Twitter has specifically broken some of this functionality on their end.

Not sure about Instagram and other platforms. Much of it gets fetched as preview content from the third-party social network.

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For the record, the best ways to contact mods are through flagged post comments or sending a PM to the “Moderators” group.


so you are saying it is Elon’s fault

someone should contact him and tell him to fix it

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What is or are the best way or ways to upload and embed video to the forum now? I’m not sure I was able to get imgur video to embed the last time I tried it. I have some videos I’d like to post and am trying to avoid using yt.

edit: @connrrr I see I misinterpreted your comment

I’m not sure what the best way is, but there may be a better workaround than uploading goofy short clips to Youtube and making them unlisted (what I’ve been doing).

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Well I mean back on Flarum we were embedding imgur videos in the TotK thread. I think I tried the same process the other day and didn’t get anywhere.

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Would it be possible to reinstate video uploads if the max file limit were the same as our limit for gifs?

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streamable perhaps?

I did what you requested


Thank you!! :video_camera:

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