Questions about Discourse and its functions


The old threads will one day disappear, but we’re making sure everything can be preserved here (figuring out how to edit what was transferred over to display correctly) before that happens. For now, you can access the old site at If you have anything important in drafts over there, scrape 'em! Get those copied somewhere.


Yeah as mentioned all the threads and posts from the old forum have been brought over. The formatting is a little messed up on some but the context is still there and some members have been editing and fixing them.

The old forum will be staying around at for the moment. But we’ll probably remove it later this month. So if there’s something you want from there login and grab it.


Smoked weed and suddenly the new interface makes complete sense.

Ok so everything is preserved on the new forum so it won’t really matter the old ones are gone anyways.


So if I’m seeing this correctly, when your reply to a specific post directly follows the post you’re replying to, then it won’t show the little arrow or avatar/username that indicates that it is a reply. Am I right in this? If so, I find that a little weird. Is that just part of the way Discourse works?


That’s how it be, yeah – since a reader would already read them in the right order, and it’s generally clear from context whether something is a reply in general. If you want to be particularly explicit, you could add an @ at the start of your post!

If you select someones text you can also click quote and it’ll embed the exact piece of text you’re trying to reply to.

Ohh, so that’s what has been happening. I kept thinking I hit the wrong reply button or something.


Is there a way to match the old forum background color? The black w/ white text is a little harder to look at. There are some other default themes but they don’t retain the iconic purple accent color , which is also necessary :)


If you go to Preferences > Interface > Color Scheme. The “Dark” option is pretty similar to the old background, but maybe you already tried that one.

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Can we delete posts without the (post deleted by author) part sticking around? I don’t really need people to know I wrote something and then decided to delete it.


yeah, super agree to this ^


Hi! I didn’t get an email, but managed to get this on my phone and it worked on almost all computers except mine, which has a firewall. Who can I approach to explain my issue with the forum?

Hmm yeah I opened this up incognito and it not only shows post deleted by author but also lets me see what the post was.


Hm. I just clicked on the orange pencil next to coffeentacos’ post above, not in incognito or anything, and it totally showed me what looks like the revision history of the post. Meaning I could read what was ‘deleted’. That seems very bad.


Agree, I discovered this a bit ago when I made some edits to a post in the sports thread. Don’t like it!!

Edit history is now hidden


Also made a theme called “less dark” and it uses the old forum black/grey color. So you’re welcome to use that too @BluntForceMama


another thing I’ve noticed is you only get a notification the first time someone likes one of your posts. it’s probably healthier dopamine-wise so I’m not complaining about it, just pointing it out.

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Here are the options for that. not sure which is better. Personally I’d probably set it to never!


I also cooled down the amount of emails being sent by default. It was way too high. You should only get an email now if you get a PM and you’re not on the forum or a weekly summary when you’re away. You can change these settings to increase the frequency in your profile settings.