Questions about Discourse and its functions

I tried reading a bit and I dont quite get how to star a whole thread in the way we did before - I want to get a notification whenever a new post shows up in thread X.

Bookmarking seems to be for specific posts within a thread? So you can like bookmark the root or whatever but if someone replies to a post in the thread will it show up? Or can a bookmark be applied to a whole thread? And then what is the difference of that and tracking/watching with the dropdown at the bottom of the thread?

I guess my real question is if our old star function for a thread is more like a bookmark or more like tracking.

The new theme is very good, thank you

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Bookmarking as I understand it is like bookmarking a tab or a page in a book. You’re just looking to keep a list of references that you can look at easily later.

Is this what you’re looking for?

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You can bookmark an entire thread from the bottom of the thread.

As Shane said though, that is functionally different from tracking a thread, though fwiw I do find the bookmarks easier to find than tracked.

Side track to this question, is there a way to be able to tag our dear friend 穴 without keeping that character in our clipboard at all times?

in flarum you could just type @ana and i would appear. just check and it doesn’t seem to be possible here. maybe it’s about time to change my username! new forum new me.

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For some reason I don’t get this option when I go into preferences…

Also @shane or @moderators (hey look you can tag moderators as a group (wait, actually, it’s saying that I can’t do that, but that would be a useful thing no?)) is it not too late to get the temporary magic edit powers?

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I tried to summon you here to NW Ontario but an ominous disembodied robot voice told me that I needed to construct additional piloncillo

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Sorry should be in the list now.

Sure request it here and mention what threads you wanna edit


I added ana to your name in your profile. you don’t need to change your username if you do that.

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If I understand correctly, Discourse uses Markdown-it ( ) as a basis for its formatting and syntax. Is there a way to get that code formatting in here? Having syntax highlighting when I paste in some Lua is nice for readability.


Can I stretch an image and get it to just appear inline without the the details popup on mouseover?

Also by stretch I mean mess with its aspect ratio. I’ve already noticed that they can be scaled by % proportionally.

Oh I just noticed that the popup doesn’t appear if I guess the image is small enough?

Maybe this is a good time to I guess request a feature, maybe also because Discourse’s interface and features would make this more intuitive and useful than it has been with Flarum.

We have a few threads dedicated to conversations in languages other than English, either for people to converse in their mother tongues with other speakers on the forum, or for those learning those languages to be able to practice. There is the Spanish one as well as the French one, I can’t remember if there were any others.

I have long thought we should have a post category for non-English language threads, maybe not one for each non-English language but at least one category for all of the threads dedicated to conversation in non-English languages. Mainly because they get buried really easily since this is such an English language dominated forum.

Would Discourse make this kind of thing more intuitive/possible/convenient?

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As far as I’ve been able to tell, it’s not possible to stretch an image using the Markdown syntax (though it does allow you to set a width or height to scale the image to proportionally) – but you can use a HTML img tag: (The image here is not only minimized, but stretched as well.)

The syntax for this is <img src="[…]" width=123 height=456> – for example, the image above has the source <img src="upload://ikwBl6z4zZKW3XIoX3jSPFWIwi6.png" width=64 height=48>.

I don’t know if it was markdown but this was possible on the old forum with [img width=420 height=69]image_url.jpeg[/img] for example. It’s cool we can use html here though.

I ran out of edits for today and I thought they were still going through but then I refreshed the page and all the ones I’d done since the first warning reverted. ;_; I saved one big edit I made to someone’s post I’ll apply when the cooldown is over.


I used to find the thread list easier to parse when I could see the avatar of the thread creator next to its title. Would it be possible to add this functionality with Discourse?


Ok I figured out how to back out of a nested reply.

What’s the best way to reply to multiple people within the same post?

I haven’t found any way to force, via text, a reply to a post - only via clicking the button. However quotes still work. I’m not sure if this is possible or feasible via the mobile interface, but on a desktop browser at least one can highlight text upthread and click on quote to blockquote/reply to those in context.


apologies for the tag/notification but this is just for illustrative purposes here


Not a question but this feature when creating a thread is pretty neat

Also I saw @rejj mentioning that the smallest font size worked better for them and I have to agree. At least on a 27 inch monitor having the smallest font setting but then zooming in with my browser makes this new forum a bit more familiar.