That's A Cool Cartridge

This is a thread where you share some neat and interesting cartridges/usages of cartridges of all forms, literal and adjacent.

We'll count anything from the Sega 32x, the gameboy camera, PSP mini discs, and just a plain nice looking cartridge!

Here are some interesting ones I've collected from the internet:


[here's some example photos, and the source for this guy if you haven't seem em yet.


This one reacts to the sunlight

@SuperEffective#20727 Great idea for a thread! I believe there was some cool cart conversation in the Lotte May episode.

I'm a simple person, give me a colorful or non-standard cart and I'm intrigued! Here are a few that were in arm's reach:


Also, I love my custom SD2SNES I ordered to match my Super NT--shown removed from the slot to exhibit the sweet metallic purple screws!


Sonic & Knuckles & Knuckles & Knuckles & Knuckles & Knuckles...

In all seriousness, the lock on technology introduced for Sonic and Knuckles is pretty cool. Sonic and Knuckles was the first Sonic game I owned when I got my genesis as a kid and I didn't understand what all the weird stuff under the flap on the cart was for. When I discovered you could put other games on top (and consequentially, the get blue sphere generator) it blew my mind. My mom told me to stop though cause she thought I would break it.

It wasnt until I got Sonic 2 later on and was able to play the game as knuckles that I realized its potential and I tried every other game I had to see if I could play as Knuckles. The results were disappointing.

I always thought IREM‘s LED Famicom carts were cool. Also a good way to see if your Famicom is still receiving power if it’s not outputting video and you don't have a multimeter immediately handy.

Here's Deadly Towers, the only one I have at the moment.


While this isn't a special piece of hardware, it was still a cool find. For a while Hector'87 was trending on my social feeds. During one trip to a Book Off around that time, I found this cartridge. Covered in Hudson related stickers. I guess whoever owned this was a Pro STG player.

It felt very personal. No idea why it was there. Maybe they reached their goal and decided to finally move on.

I made a custom cartridge for Nanoloop for Game Boy about a decade ago. I think it looks cool! I cannibalized a Pokemon Blue cart and now that that's a pricy game I regret doing that! (I still have the legit insides of Pokemon in a profoundly bootleg looking cart)

These are some cool cartridges


Here‘s Micro Machines Military Madness for Genesis which had an integrated multi-tap in the cart. This is an amazing application of a cart extending a console’s capabilities.


[Courtesy of Mobygames](,166655/).

@billy#20801 Never tell my children about this. They are ignorant of it and that makes me either a good or a bad parent - it's impossible to know for sure.

don't make me pull out all my shit please omg

(I always wanted at least one IREM famicom cart)

remember that annual art exhibition of fake famicom cartridges?

currently obsessed with Mega Drive carts, they are chunky, smol, and powerful. also I enjoy the design of the OEM SEGA Saturn cartridges, so well made!

Also gotta love N64, as cartridges were on their way out, they made some pretty chunky, minimalist, curvy units.


While I also applaud the N64 for keeping the chunky cartridge dream alive, I have to ding them for the cardinal sin of not having a label on the top. Speaking of Nintendo, I think we have to recognize Switch cartridges for having the most unique mouthfeel.

it‘s more the taste than the mouthfeel yeah? give me an SD card and a switch cart and taste aside I’m not sure I'd be able to tell the difference that keenly.

As mentioned in the other thread, this is the literal lunchbox of Atari games my parents gave me last year:


I suspect the lunchbox is worth more on ebay than all those carts combined

[edit: I think I'm wrong - the lunchbox is going for around 16 bucks and you could probably sell this lot for more than 20. looks like I'm the april fool]

@exodus#20825 I’m sure you’re right. That ET cart is fun - isn’t that the one they found a million of in a dump a few years back?

@exodus#20825 and there are another half dozen or so in the lunchbox you can’t see. So maybe as much as $30!

@hellomrkearns#20892 This looks cool in a very literal sense…like a plastic icepack or something…


What happens if you Press There?

Dragon Buster is a cool cart. Namco games came with top label stickers. I think the way the gold flakes off is quite charming. A good example of non-mint stuff having more character. :j

(Flash cart inside a gb mobile shell cause I thought it was awesome)

Anyone else have salamander for famicom? I’ll hold back because mine is out of reach right now.

Blessed flash carts