What's in the mail?

totally not jealous at all

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I’m sensing a little bit there, sorry if I misread it. I’m still working on the game collection but holding out on controllers for a while - doing some decorating at home and space is running out!

wow, so you are who those 100 yen game ebay bundles are for! ha ha. the K-1 game does have some pretty high end backgrounds for a saturn fighter though.

(that’s not really meant to be a dig - I reckon if you like vintage sports games it’s probably a pretty fun time - hopefully they didn’t mark them up too badly)

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I’ve been buying them via a proxy service from Japan - and usually can get some of the more unwanted/loved titles for around 1000 yen a piece so not bad. When you add shipping and services it’s closer to 2000 yen a game, but for some that are almost 30 years old and I’ve never had I’m happy with that price. What scares me is when I start collecting the super rare ones.

The one I’m really looking forward to is Side Pocket 3!


The P in PSP means life. But I ordered a PSP 3000 model and it arrived today! Never owned one so I wanted to see what the fuss is about way too late.

So I was playing Inscryption a couple of weeks ago. Loved Chapter 1 and I kind of fell off at Chapter 3. Still had a hankering for a card game so I decided to give Metal Gear Acid a go. The games are yet to arrive but it’s an interesting console to get used to. Has some real flip phone energy to it.

Wouldn’t mind seeing what else this thing. I’ve got an eye on some Sting games as well.


So the situation has evolved a little bit.

The good news is my copy of Metal Gear Ac!d 2 arrived in the mail today! It arrived before my copy of Metal Gear Ac!d 1 so I might hold off on playing 2 before 1. UMDs are wild though they’re like mini CDs, make CD sounds when you boot them up while holding the darn thing. I’m curious if they do the whole CD slipping thing like Walkmans.

The bad news is that I may have discovered that Magic the Gathering is a thing. Spotted the MtG Fallout collaboration box in the wild while shopping. Started playing MtG Arena while waiting for Acid to arrive…and I may have also bought two of those Fallout Commander decks. Never played MtG before so we shall see.

Might end up broke living underneath a bridge but I’ll keep the forums posted. Maybe.


sounds like you need the Pleasant Paper Rectangles thread!

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Thanks Rejj! I’ll have to start checking this thread in the regular!

data-discs no. 027

pretty neat!