What's that game (Easy mode).

There were quite a few people asking for it in the other thread, so I figured I might as well make it myself. All the same rules from that thread apply, but with you can‘t choose anything that’s prohibitively obscure. To provide a few examples, Mario and Final Fantasy would be fair game; Konami Wai Wai World and Crystalis would be pushing it; Musashi no Ken and Radia Senki would be out of the question. It should go without saying that you‘re almost certainly going to have to obscure your screenshots in some way (I’ll leave this open to interpretation) to make this difficult.

OK, I'll start.


My immediate guess was Jaws for the NES. But that’s not right....

california games?

In the same vein, throwing out T&C Surf Designs.

You all have the right era, and @yeso#11042 and @ttzop#11043 have the ethos down, but none of these are the right answer. I'll add that this game was released mainly in arcades.

Is it Surf Champ?

Or Outrun?


Also, jesus cheezus googling California Games - I played this on Commodore 64 when I was maybe 5 years old but had completely forgotten about its existence.


@CidNight#11065 Is it Surf Champ?

It is not _Surf Champ_.


Or Outrun?

But it is _Outrun_.


that was clever good one

Oh crap that means I have to do the next one huh? Okay… gimme a minute

Although I realize after going back to the original rules that I cheated by guessing twice in the same post. Sorry! I won’t do that again.


This apparently drunk... something-or-other appears in a bar scene.

@CidNight#11075 I think it's okay to guess again after a hint has been given, personally

wonder project J?


That is not it, but it is the correct console generation

kinda looks like nanatsu kaze no shima monogatari but that's not really a game for easy mode!! is it a zelda CD-i game lol (link: the faces of evil)

Nope! I thought for the next clue, I‘d just start zooming the image out. This image is from sort of the game’s hub. It's a spot you come back to throughout the game, and occasionally new characters will appear.

3 dirty dwarves?


No sir. This game was a Sega Genesis exclusive. Although it has appeared in a variety of formats in recent years.

oh shoot, it's shining in the darkness (shining in the dorkness)


you got it!