What's that (obscure!) game!?

Okay, I think we’ve got enough folks in the forum now to play a game I’ve always enjoyed other places.

“name that game”

The rules are:

  1. the initial poster gets a screenshot - an original one, or half of one, or something like that… or it can be sourced from the net but people have to be on their best behavior to not reverse image search because that’s boring.
  2. add a reasonable-feeling text (or other) hint.
  3. the rest of us try to name that game. One guess per post! Your guess must be confirmed/denied before you guess again.
  4. the person who figured out what game it is becomes the next person to find a screen. The prize is that the game continues!!

So I’ll start.


what be it!? In this case you must identify the game and the platform.

Based on the jagged edges of those textures it‘s gotta be Quake for the Saturn right? But that seems almost to obvious. You are sending me down a hole to see if Quake got ported to the Zeebo… It’s Zeebo Quake isn't it?

It‘s Quake for Saturn! I thought I’d start with something easy(ish) to set the pace. The way you really know it‘s Quake for Saturn is that this is the apartment scene that happens when you beat the game with the right conditions.

Well, it’s your turn now!!!

I know what this is, I should let other people guess, ha ha

I don't know what that is, but I want it.

It took me a bit of searching (specifically through old Retro Pals streams) to remember the actual name, but that‘s Delisoba Deluxe, isn’t it? The delivery game that was either only played on a Japanese game show or modeled off and given to winners of a game in said Japanese game show?

Also, can we add another rule that you can‘t guess off whoever immediately follows you (EG Brandon can’t guess robinhoodie's image)? That would prevent one person from dominating the game.

@Video_Game_King#3564 You are correct! Brandon sent me down a Saturn path and I just wanted to get this great game on more people's radar. And I definitely like your rule. Excited to see what everyone brings to the table.

Alright, my time to shine! I wanted to make this one a challenge, but not too much of a challenge (there are some truly esoteric games I could have picked for this).

I‘m thinking maybe what we should do is share cropped screens - we used to do this on the pc engine board I was on. I thought it might be too constrictive with the whole wide world of video games available, but I do also know what this one is (Another Heaven: Memory of Those Days for Wonderswan) so maybe cropping is the answer? What do y’all think?

I guess I can just try it right now!?!

guess this one!!!!!!!


@exodus#3572 I do also know what this one is (Another Heaven: Memory of Those Days for Wonderswan)

Damn it. I knew I should have gone with something more esoteric.

I think it's just gonna be the nature of This Forum, so crops are probably better. My cropped image above should be a liiiiittle more difficult!?

@exodus That's Shin Megami Tensei 1 correct?

@badatgaems#3589 I'd recognize that angry stone face anywhere.

I'll take it I suppose!

Going to go with a crop of something "current gen" to switch things up from the old games

I was gonna say WHICH VERSION but maybe it doesn‘t matter - let’s go ahead and guess this one! I have no idea :3

PS4 Spiderman? That's an NYC subway.

I was able to find out which game this is, but I want other people to figure it out for themselves.

@robinhoodie#3604 not Spiderman but NYC is on the right track