You telling me a Dragon made this Dogma(2)??

Sounds like there will be a patch coming soon that will lock the frame rate to 30fps. Hopefully that will help with some of the frame jank.

I just unlocked the Trickster vocation and it‘s quite interesting. I didn’t get what it it did by the tutorial messages but I think I know how to use it now. Basically you spawn a dummy of yourself by pressing triangle. If you throw ashes to your enemies (Square) they will attack the dummy you have put out. If you press R1+Triangle you can attach your dummy to an enemy and make other creatures attack their ally. This won‘t cause Doom-like infighting but it’s still satisfying to pull off. If you feel like approaching combat in a completely different way, give it a go.

I have been in Vernworth for a bit and am feeling very very drawn to what the game is doing. It feels like running around in a strange diorama which I like in my open worlds.

I am getting pretty hammered by big beasts on the roads though! Every time I set out I'm getting mouth-punched by orges, griffins, and minotaurs. I feel so weak in comparison to them. I think I have to experiment a bit more with how to more effectively damage them. Also noticing every once in a while a support pawn just straight up disappears during really chaotic fights. Not dying where you have to go revive them, they're just there one second and gone the next. I feel like there's something mechanically happening here and that it's not a bug but I haven't been able to figure it out yet. Maybe they're getting carried off by harpies or something and dropped into water? Not sure.

yeah, @“yeso”#385, it does do that sort of limited scope open-world thing, which I almost always find keeps me interested in pressing on more than less intentional wide-open spaces (with some exceptions). Kind of more like open-world corridors. Not exactly the same, but Dragons Quest XI is a bit like that, and Ys VIII boils it down to the heart. That's a manageability and more consistent/concise loop in those spaces that is very driving

also, in terms of having that 8-bit RPG spirit -- lots of communal figuring things out. On that note: what's up with the benches? Lots of quests tied to time of day here, and I'm told that benches pass time. But I find these benches with red cloths and lanterns, marked with a bench icon on the mini-map, and they seem to do nothing? My dude just sits, which is fine for him, but no prompt or anything? Kinda hard to tell what's up when the game exists at the intersection of opaque but also somewhat busted


This happened to me twice. I get on pretty chaotic battles and a couple of minutes later one of my pals is gone. I think they just die and I don't notice or something but it does feel strange.

Doesn't a "(Triangle) Doze off" prompt appear when you sit on benches?

@“sabertoothalex”#p159822 When your pawn is just gone without the revive option, that usually means that they fell/were thrown off a cliff into deep water. A couple times that‘s happened to me shortly after I’ve spent rift crystals to hire one above my level. Which is annoying but also funny.

@“Adria”#p159834 nope! No prompt appears at all. I have sat on about 10 benches. Quit out the game and restarted. Nada

Update: the option to pass time also does not appear when seated on a bench in an oxcart, though the game told me it would? I think I might be borked

Update update: I immediately turned the Control Guide off to declutter my UI & that was the problem -- the prompt doesn't appear if that's off. So if you want the prompt to rest while you're seated, you have to have your controls on screen at all times like a Wii game. Weird game over here dude

@“Adria”#p159818 I just unlocked Trickster last night. Options seem a bit too limited early on but I really want to experiment with it. Probably not the most effective vocation but certainly one of the more interesting ones.

Thanks for explaining the Dummy Attachment I think I missed that in the tutorial.

about the 8-bitness: I get this feeling with some of the enemies too. The ghosts especially and the goblins doing annoying hops too

@“MovingCastles”#p159856 To me, trickster is the attempt by devs to make a vocation out of the work they put into the AI pathfinding. So as time goes on, I'm hoping it is going to be the class to really dissect what exactly everything in the game does.

I think the AI in these games is really due for a lot of work. Not in the Venture Captital sense. But automous behaviors of game agents are very interesting to me, and yet Studios don't really explore it that much. On the Indie side, they are very focused on meta progression in survivor style stuff. But in those games, mobs just kind of bumrush you at high volumes. Meanwhile in the commerical industry, we talk a little bit about complex behaviors, but it is rarely explored. Monolith traditionally was really advanced in this respect with their development of GOAP, and that was really well realized in Shadows of Mordor to power all the Orc behaviors and fuel the nemesis system. But they kind of fumbled it in the sequel by trying to copyright it and build a bunch of meta progression mechanics around it that didn't have anything to do with the behavior or movement of the individual Orcs. Man, WB really misunderstood what was going on there.

It is very odd to me that commercial studios especially aren't trying to figure this out a bit more. If you are facing an issue of making games sustainably, I would think that really delving deep into autonomous agent behaviors that create games that are very context sensitive would be a good avenue for making games that "create content" out of a system that takes a lot less work to make. Instead, I guess companies would rather try to trick artists into putting their art into a machine that steals bits and pieces of it and launders away any ownership to try to produce "content" that no one designed and no one actually wants to play.

So trickster is very interesting. I haven't unlocked it yet, but I am really looking forward to it.

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i haven‘t played this yet and just watched some video but like… is the font actually like that in the game? the serifs are backwards, the lowercase “g” is straight up reversed, letters are tilted all weird, it’s so bizarre!


it’s called being immersive

Still not sure if I should buy a PS5 or uh a new basically everything for my computer to play this. Or if I should take a chance on the game with my PC as it is.

Tbh I haven’t been finding the PS5 performance to be all that bad. It’s uneven for sure but it hasn’t gotten in the way of me enjoying the game.


@“thebryanjzx90”#p160227 take a chance on the game with my PC as it is.

steam refund policy

also it’s not worth a new console or significant pc upgrade

@“yeso”#p160234 I mean at least new PC parts would make other games look nicer too

@“thebryanjzx90”#p160236 PC upgrade is the better buy, especially with whatever this ps5 plus is on the horizon. But to be perfectly honest, while Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a neat game, it’s not worth going too far out of anyone’s way in $$$ terms

Hey all, wanted to add that my steam friend code thingy is 113600418
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Good idea. I forgot to post my steam code as well. It’s 104504263.
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